with talented and gifted people, and there continue to be a place for everyone to offer their gifts and service to the Lord. We see Church life as much like the Choir, although we may not all have the same “part”, yet when we all do what God has called us to do we enjoy a great sense of harmony and joy as we fulfil our calling in serving the present age. Although some parts of our ministry are more visible whilst others are in the background, but again, when we function where God has placed us; beautiful “music” is the result!

Are you worried about the COVID-19 and don’t know what to do ? Follow the Gov. advice from NHS .
Due to COVID-19 we are doing church services online . Join us coming sunday on our youtube channel
Join the prayer team every friday @ 7:30pm , Let’s pray for our families , communities , Nations and the world.
Journey Through the Life and Land of Jesus . . .and you will NEVER be the same!