A message from the Minister
Grace and peace to you from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

It’s been a great privilege to be the minister of Edgware Methodist Church, to share in worship, mission and ministry with all members so that together we can respond to the gospel of God’s love in Christ and to live out its discipleship here at Edgware and beyond. Although it has only been since September 2015 that I arrived among you, the opportunities and challenges for the time spent together so far have been many and intriguing. I am very excited about this and faithfully looking forward to the years ahead to enable growth as we seek to live out our calling as Methodist people.The Methodist Church upholds that our calling manifest itself through worship, learning and caring, service and evangelism.

The journey that has led me into this role has been very long and winding marked with several episodes of diversions. I was born into a lowly and disciplined Christian family in Kumasi, Ghana, and baptised into the Methodist Church at a very early age. Attending church regularly and learning about God’s love through Sunday school and later through the Guild, Youth, Bible Study and Prayer Groups helped to grow my faith and personal discipleship. By the time I was in my teens, I had begun to feel the call of God on my life yet I was unable to say yes.

When Pope Benedict was a cardinal, he wrote an article entitled “Me, a priest? How do I know?” In it, he expresses how there is no right to priesthood and the fact that one cannot choose priesthood like choosing a job but rather one need to be chosen by God himself for the vocation. In line with this, I resisted this call every time there was an affirmation and I had an excuse to say no.

However, the love that will not let me go continuously pursued me. I went into a teaching career or many years. Learned music and practiced music in the church for a number of years all in attempt to do something for God and in God’s service but not priesthood. However I continued to battle with the still small voice that kept nudging me especially in the moments of solitude. Probably just like Elijah as recorded in I Kings 19. 9 14; He found God not in the mighty wind, the earthquake or the fire, but in the gentle breeze.

Borrowing words from John R Stott, expounding on a poem by Francis Thompson titled “The Hound of Heaven”, I had to finally say yes not because of parental influence, tutelage, experience, knowledge or even personal decision but by the relentless pursuit of Jesus Christ himself. Although my calling has been discerned with the church and I have been trained, tested and approved, I continuously see many personal inadequacies.

I therefore invite you to journey with me as I seek to lead our church in the direction that Christ wants us to go. God richly bless you.
Revd Ben Twumasi