Baptism Celebration

Baptism is a public celebration of the love of God extended to us .Persons older enough to understand and accept this love for themselves are invited to do so . For babies and small Children this acceptance is held in the faith of others . Through Baptism , we are invited into a journey of faith with Jesus and into membership of Christian faith and the worldwide church of Christ.

God Parents : How Many ?

The usual number of godparents is three ( two of whom are normally , but not always , of the same sexton as the baby ). It is possible to have a fewer godparents ( if parents act as godparents to the own child) and, if you wish to have more . Other consideration

It is important that godparents should be baptized and confirmed. ( confirmation is the service where people who were baptized as babies publicly ‘confirm’ the promises made for them at their baptism and become adult members of the church. )

The reason that godparents are meant to be baptized and confirmed is to ensure they are meant to be baptized and confirmed is to endure they are practicing members of the church and have publicly affirmed their Christian faith as Adult so that they will be able to fulfill their commitments as godparents

Godparents Promise to help bring up their godchild as part of the church and to each Christian belief and practice by word and example public worship with the rest of the church and encouraging the child to get confirmed when he or she is old enough. Obviously it’s hard to encourage a child to get confirmed if neither parents nor godparents are themselves confirmed.

Minister’s Discretion

However, the minister has discretion, in certain circumstances to allow Christians who are not confirmed to be godparents. the intention of this is to allow people who are members of the churches which do not practice confirmation (eg. baptisms) to act as godparents. note that it is important that they were baptized.

Other Alternatives
it is also possible for a service of thanksgiving for the gift of a child to be done for you and your child if the service of baptized presents any difficulties for you. if you may want to consider a service of thanksgiving instated, then speak to the minister.

Thinking About Confirmation

Obviously , it s is the parents who will have most influence over their child’s upbringing . therefore if neither of you are confirmed and you might want to consider confirmation yourself , then do speak to the minister about this.

Request for a service of baptism Details form Please ensure all required fields are completed. Fields marked with an * are required

Godparents Please give the names and addresses of godparents and state whether they have been baptismsed and confirmed . please write clearly as this information is needed for the baptised register. If you have choosen godparents who are not confirmed in the Christian faith or are not practicing Christian’s , please ask them to sign the declaration below before you return the form yo the church. Thanks Declaration by god parents who have not been confirmed I am a Christian or I believe and i accept the Christian faith and am happy to serve as godparents to this child. @ I understand that a godparent’s task is to help parents bring their child up as an active member of the Christian church and that in the baptism service I will commit myself to do this by my prayers , my example, and my teaching ; I believe and trust in Almighty God: the Father , the Son , and the Holy Spirit.