Edgware Methodist Church

The Edgware Methodist Church: Exists to share through worship, mission and ministry, the gospel of God’s love in Christ and to live out its discipleship within the Edgware area and beyond. We are part of the Barnet and Queensbury Methodist Circuit in the London District.

We are a welcoming church: Which tries to embody the good news story in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-faith context. Membership tends to be predominantly West African yet very diverse in outlook with a good mix of ages and a strong Junior Church. We are a home to a large Romanian Christian congregation which share the use of our premises.

Our church is constantly: seeking ways to enable growth as we seek to live out our calling. The Methodist Church upholds that our calling manifest itself through worship, learning and caring, service and evangelism.
Attributed to David, Psalms 34:3 says “O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together.” The call to exalt God’s name “together” seems to speak of exactly what members do when we come together at Edgware Methodist Church.

Our Church is filled with talented and gifted people, and there continue to be a place for everyone to offer their gifts and service to the Lord. We see Church life as much like the Choir, although we may not all have the same “part”, yet when we all do what God has called us to do we enjoy a great sense of harmony and joy as we fulfill our calling in serving the present age. Although some parts of our ministry are more visible whilst others are in the background, but again, when we function where God has placed us; beautiful “music” is the result!

The Edgware Methodist church is a friendly church with our congregation coming from diverse backgrounds. Our congregation is opened to different worship styles and enjoys participation in worship which enables new people to feel they can fit in. We make use of various resources including modern multimedia facilities, diverse liturgies, styles of worship from the breath of Methodist traditions and other Christian denominations in our expression of worship.

The congenial worshiping environment owing to the improvement in the comfort and decor of the sanctuary and surroundings as well as a welcoming presence makes the worshiping experience at Edgware Methodist Church infectious and helpful for regular worshipers, occasional worshiper and new members to centre the worship on God.

There is a weekly Friday Bible Study and Prayer Meetings which happens in our well decorated devotional room. This provides opportunities for getting together for Bible study and prayer outside of usual Sunday morning services. We thank God for ecumenical links we have that help us learn together with friends from Churches Together in Edgware and Barnet.